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Unpacking School VCE Results
Each year, Victorian schools publish statistics on the VCE results achieved by their graduating cohort. What do the numbers mean in terms of a school’s performance and what insights can they provide parents about the quality of education on offer?Read more
Transitioning students for a head start to secondary
The leap from primary school into secondary school presents a period of rapid change for children. The expectations and environment are vastly different as students are required be more independent, mature and organised. We asked Head of Years 5 & 6 at Mentone Grammar, Jacqui Cartwright, how schools can help...Read more
How are schools preparing the next generation of leaders?
It won’t be long before Generation Alpha are in charge – but will they be ready for the top jobs? Employment trends indicate that emerging generations will dominate senior leadership positions quicker than their predecessors due to their agility and soft skills. We asked Mentone Grammar Deputy Principal, Jarrod O’Neill...Read more
Tips for taking the stress out of choosing a school
Choosing a school for your child is one of the biggest decisions that families will make – but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. Mentone Grammar Registrar, Pernilla Eklund Allan, offers some helpful tips on how to enjoy the process of finding a school that is the right...Read more
Why curiosity is the lifeblood of success
Every day, technology drives the world to change faster and faster. This rate of progress means that future graduates need to be lifelong learners and quick problem-solvers in order to respond to the shifting demands of their industries. Mentone Grammar English Teacher, Cameron Wilson, discusses how curiosity is key to success and...Read more
What to pack on your journey to the top
As the Director of Business of Mentone Grammar, Nicole Bradshaw is a passionate advocate for encouraging young women to take up leadership opportunities. We asked Nicole about the champions and challenges she encountered on her own personal journey in leadership and the advice she gives her mentees about planning for...Read more
5 calming strategies for young children
The ability to control our own emotions is something we continue to develop throughout our lives. Head of Junior School, Jess Richards, discusses the importance of developing these skills in the early years and provides five strategies parents can use to help young children calm themselves.Read more
Teaching skills for an unpredictable future – is it possible?
Just 10 years ago there was no such career as an App Developer, Data Miner or Social Media Manager, so can schools really prepare students for the future when their careers may not exist yet? Deputy Principal, Adrian Camm, tackles the tough question for schools.Read more
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