Friends of Frogmore


The Friends of Frogmore Lunch is held each year and is a tradition which began in 2013.  The words "Once a Mentonian, always a Mentonian" are never truer than when attending this special lunch.

Each year Alumni from the 1940's through to the mid 1970's (and partners) return to Mentone Grammar to enjoy a complimentary lunch and listen to a guest speaker. It's a special day, with good food, good company, nostalgic photographs and the opportunity to share memories with schoolmates and life-long friends.

Alumni are automatically invited to the Friends of Frogmore Lunch following their 40-year reunion so please make sure your contact details are up to date.  Update your contact details online or email Fiona Dallas.

View the Friends of Frogmore Lunch 2016

View the Friends of Frogmore Lunch 2017

View the Friends of Frogmore Lunch 2018

To book the 2019 Friends of Frogmore Lunch, click here

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