International education leader visits Mentone Grammar 

Mentone Grammar welcomed international education leader, Alan November, yesterday to deliver a Professional Learning seminar to our staff on the topic of preparing students for success in the digital age. 

Alan is a world leader on the topic of preparing students for success in the digital age. We are most grateful to have had the opportunity for him to visit Mentone Grammar.

Here’s what our Teachers had to say about Alan’s presentation:

“Entertaining, informative and relevant. An insightful session into search engines, fake news, manipulation of facts, critical thinking, creativity and asking better questions.” Joanne Kamp

“The session with Alan was invaluable. The Year 5 and 6 teams have already changed our student assessment tasks for Term 3, based on Alan’s PL session where students manage their learning. We were introduced to specific research skills using search engines and apps, where refined research could access objective sources of information. We will begin to implement these skills in our classrooms this week. A very worthwhile PL.” Wayne Essing

“What a great presentation, can’t wait to put all the programs we learned into practice!!” Cameron Riley

"The session with Alan November was fantastic. It really opened my eyes to the fact that we know and expect students will use the internet for research, but at no point do we teach them how to do this appropriately to obtain accurate, truthful information. I loved learning how search engines work behind the scenes and how I can acquire precise search results. This will certainly save me time and ensure that I’m accessing factual information." Maddy Prowse 

“Alan November is an interesting and humorous presenter and his content was both relevant and useful. His session was informative, thought-provoking and extremely useful for incorporating technology for teaching our students. It was also useful to help students discriminate between fact and fiction on the internet and gave me strategies to use for better Google searches. I will use Wolfram Alpha to help students with proof-reading of their problems at home. I am keen to use Jing to produce screencasts and get students to produce screencasts to help them to take ownership of their learning.” Paul Matthew

"Thanks to those that organised Alan November to present. He was so informative. Can’t wait to start exploring Wolfram Alpha with my students." Madeleine Thomas 

"The Alan November seminar provided the Science Faculty with a chance to contemplate and recalibrate our classroom delivery and curriculum design, to incorporate a more student-centered and more advanced digital approach to research design and classwork presentation." Peter Wynne

"Alan was such an engaging presenter who gave us a great insight on how to utilise technology in our classrooms." Kirsty Petschel 

Pictured above (from left): Principal Mal Cater, Alan November, Deputy Principal Deb Frizza, Head of Teaching Practice Christine Altidis

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