Mentone Grammar opens NEW Years 5 & 6 Centre

On Wednesday 14 February, Mentone Grammar opened the doors to our latest development, the Keith Jones Learning Centre for Years 5 & 6. Excited students were queued up to explore their new home and experience the outstanding new facilities available to them.

Mentone Grammar Principal, Mal Cater, said, “This exciting new space will further develop our Teaching and Learning in Years 5 & 6. It will also give our students a head start on secondary school."

The Centre is purpose-built for our Years 5 & 6 students to practice their independence and cultivate their interests, while enabling teachers to continue to provide the structure and support needed during these formative years. This concerted approach to bridging the leap from primary to secondary develops the confidence and self-direction students require to make the most of their senior years.

The Centre consists of eight light-filled classrooms, a reading lounge, breakout spaces, a multi-purpose performance auditorium and an outdoor learning deck. A professional film studio and recording booths incorporates invaluable digital media skills into the curriculum, enabling students to create video blogs, VoxPops, music and short films to complement their learning. 

The Centre is named in honour of Mentone Grammar’s fourth Headmaster, Mr Keith Jones (1961 to 1987). Mr Jones worked tirelessly to improve the School’s infrastructure, academic standards and sporting success.

Years 5 and 6 is an exciting time for Mentone Grammar students as they transition into single gendered classes. Our dynamic co-education learning model allows staff to focus on the varying pastoral care and development needs of adolescents, while maintaining opportunities to work and socialise together as reflected in the world around them.

The foundations set during these formative years are important in ensuring they are confident, self-directed and motivated learners as they move into secondary school. Our program actively accelerates their preparedness as we focus on developing higher order thinking, organisation, mindfulness and problem-solving skills, essential abilities for VCE and beyond.

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