news 26 Mar 2019

Mentone Grammar has been announced as the 2019 winner of The Age ‘Schools that Excel’ Award in the category of non-government school in Melbourne’s south region. 

The award recognises just ten schools from across the state which have demonstrated the most impressive advancement of VCE results in their region over the past decade.

Principal, Mal Cater, has been invited to speak as an expert panellist at the awards night on Wednesday to share his insights with the industry on the strategies employed at Mentone Grammar to achieve such remarkable improvement.  

“I am thrilled that the industry is moving towards recognising high-performing schools, not just for their rankings but for the growth they have achieved also. It acknowledges that schools can add enormous value to student outcomes through expert teaching and strategic leadership,” Mr Cater said. 

 “This is the true mark of success as it looks at individual student improvement which is the whole reason we’re here – to help young people extend themselves to be the best they can be.

“I also feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to share our School’s experiences for the betterment of education more broadly. Ultimately, it is young people who will reap the benefits from schools adopting a more collaborative approach.” Mr Cater said. 

Australian Council for Educational Research chief executive, Geoff Masters, told The Age that excellent leadership and teaching were important drivers of school improvement.

“Improvement is more likely when there is a culture of high expectations, a school-wide improvement agenda, a focus on the professional learning of teachers and close monitoring to ensure that the learning needs of every student are addressed,” Mr Masters said. 

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