For all enrolment related enquiries, please contact our Enrolments Team:

+61 3 9584 4211

Below are some useful answers to the questions we often get asked.

All registered students are placed on our waiting list for their requested entry year (i.e. 2034) and year level (i.e. Year 7). Years ELC - 4 and Years 10 - 12 boys and girls are placed on co-ed wait lists whilst Years 5 - 9 boys and girls are placed on single gender wait lists according to our unique Together-Apart-Together model. 

Places at Mentone Grammar are offered according to waiting list priorities, the date of application and at the Principal’s discretion.

Our Priority points are:

Priority 1* (3 points): Siblings of current or past Mentone Grammar students.

Priority 2 ** (2 points): Children of past Mentone Grammar students.

Priority 3 (1 point): Children of current Mentone Grammar staff.


Earliest Date of Application

* Priorities include siblings of current MG students, siblings starting together, siblings starting later or older siblings already left.

** Priorities include children, great grandchildren, grandchildren, nephews and nieces. 

Mentone Grammar is an open-entry school and accepts local students at all year levels, where places are available. The major intake years are ELC, Foundation and Years 5, 7, 9 and 10 but students can join from ELC - Year 11.  

Mentone Grammar welcomes international students from Years 10 - 11. Students applying for Year 11 must start in Term 1. Students applying for Year 10 can start Term 1 - Term 3. 

Please note that when a family defer enrolment e.g. from Year 5 to Year 7 such deferral sees the applicant return to the wait list, they do not gain automatic priority in any subsequent application and there is not a guarantee that a place will be offered.

Up to two years prior to commencement families are invited to attend an enrolment interview with the Head of Campus or other relevant staff member. The enrolment interviews are for Mentone Grammar to meet the student and assess if our School is a good fit for them. This can be based on academics, behaviour, ethics and values, and commitment to study, sport and co-curricular activities. Our interview aims are; 

  • To get to know the student. 
  • To ensure the School can cater for the student’s needs and provide any required learning support.
  • To assess school readiness for Foundation entry.
  • For the school to explain our programs and for parents to ask questions.
  • To explain the enrolment process and when the school may be able to offer a place.

Families are invited to attend an enrolment interview up to two years prior to intake with the Head of Campus or other relevant staff member. Places at Mentone Grammar are offered according to waiting list priorities, the date of application and at the Principal’s discretion.

Mentone Grammar recognises that all students are different and the ability to choose a device that suits the learning styles of each student should rest with the student and their family.

All students in Years 5 - 12 are expected to bring their own device (BYOD) to school on a daily basis for the use of learning in the classroom. Primary devices may be a notebook computer (e.g. PC or Macbook), supplementary devices may be a Tablet device (e.g. iPad). Smart Phones and iPads are not acceptable primary devices.

The School will provide all educational resources such as email and Microsoft Teams is our primary teaching, learning and communication platform. Computer labs are available for subjects that may require specialist software or hardware tools.

Please contact enrol@mentonegrammar.net to request a copy of the BYOD specifications.

Campion Education is the official supplier of Mentone Grammar Year 7 – 12 student books and stationery. 

Foundation – Year 6 student books and stationery are provided by the school (included in booklist levy).

Please contact enrol@mentonegrammar.net to request a copy of the Years 7-12 booklists.

At Mentone Grammar, we take the health and safety of our students very seriously. We use a health and safety application named Operoo in the best interest of the children whilst also reducing the burden on parents/guardians to fill out the same information on multiple forms throughout the year.

Operoo provides a simple way for parents/guardians to sign forms, safely share emergency and medical data with Mentone Grammar.

Return forms and give consent on-the-go via a browser on any device. Or, download the Operoo Mobile App. 

Operoo is located in a highly secure environment in Australia and uses sophisticated security measures to keep data safe. As parents control the data that is available, the data in Operoo will never be shared with any other person or group without your consent. An invitation to Operoo will be sent to parents before commencement. Please feel free to contact the school if you have any questions. You can also visit the Operoo website for more information: www.operoo.com

Gifted and Talented Programs 

The ‘Dare 2 Dream!’program endeavours to enhance opportunities for highly able students in Years 2 - 12 via in-class support, pull-out programs, academic competitions and special program enrichment. The program strives to empower these students to reach their full academic and social/emotional potential through engaging in rigorous tasks with like-minded peers.

Criteria for inclusion:

General Extension (Years 2 - 10)
Using our comprehensive assessment screening, students need to assess in the top 4% in at least one area (General Reasoning, Maths, Reading and Writing) but not fall below the top 20% for others (spelling is not included). Students need to maintain an ‘A’ average in their grades.

Maths Extension (Years 5 - 9)
Students need to assess in the top 10% for Maths according to our comprehensive assessment screening.

(Some exceptions for inclusion do apply especially for twice exceptional students).


A range of academic competitions are offered to highly able students on a term-by-term basis. These cover most areas of the curriculum and are usually inquiry-based.

Support for Students with Learning Difficulties

Targeted reading and numeracy interventions are implemented from Foundation to Year 8, with individualised curriculum support in Years 9 - 12. Students are involved in a comprehensive assessment program that helps us to identify students who may be in need of support. Inclusion into Learning Enhancement support programs are based on analysis of assessment data and specialist reports.

Our Sports Program provides opportunities for students from Years 7 - 12 to benefit from our elite coaching programs, established through links with professional sporting clubs. 

 Students in Years 3 - 6 compete in both the School Sport Victoria competition through participation in Cheltenham District events, as well as the Junior Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria competition. Major carnivals in Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming are held in both competitions. Summer and Winter sports have Lightning Premiership Carnivals held throughout the year.

 From Years 7 to 12 all boys and girls compete in the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria (AGSV) competition, in both Summer (Term 1 and Term 4) and Winter (Term 2 and Term 3) sports. Our expert coaches provide instruction at one main training session per week for all students. Students are also encouraged to participate in the Athletics Program. Saturday sport is compulsory for all students in Years 7 - 12.

Our expert coaches provide instruction at one main training session per week for all students. Saturday sport is compulsory for all students in Years 7 - 12.

Pre-Season and In-Season training is often completed concurrently, resulting in a plethora of sporting opportunities available all year round.

In addition, Mentone Grammar has a high-class Strength and Conditioning facility that offers before and after school sessions under the guidance of fully qualified instructors who offer age and ability appropriate sessions for students.

Sports on offer at Mentone Grammar (Years 7 - 12 weekly competition):

Girls Summer Sports 

  • Badminton (Years 10-12 only)
  • Cricket
  • Summer Hockey (Mixed team)
  • Sailing (Must sail externally also)
  • Swimming (Competency level required)
  • Tennis
  • Touch Football Volleyball

Girls Winter Sport

  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Football
  • Hockey (Mixed team)
  • Netball Soccer

Boys Summer Sports

  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Summer Hockey (Mixed team)
  • Sailing (Must sail externally also)
  • Swimming (Competency level required)
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis Volleyball

Boys Winter Sports

  • Badminton (Years 10-12 only)
  • Cross Country
  • Football
  • Hockey (Mixed team) Soccer

All students in Years 5 - 12 will be allocated a locker. Students are to bring their own lock to school. Student may not share their locker. Lockers must be kept locked at all times.

Mentone Grammar appreciates the support of our parents in upholding high standards of presentation for our students, as a reflection of the discipline and respect bestowed on their education. Details regarding School and Sports Uniform Guides,  Noone Uniform Shop and the Parents and Friends Association’s Second Hand Uniform Shop can be found on our website www.mentonegrammar.net/enrol/n...

Please contact enrol@mentonegrammar.net to request a copy of the detailed Uniform, Hair, Jewellery and Makeup Guidelines.

Please contact enrol@mentonegrammar.net to request a copy of our Teaching and Learning Subjects Guide. 

Our learning program is built around developing happy, healthy and high achieving young people. It’s our goal to deliver a well-rounded experience that encourages resilience, confidence and creativity to prepare young people for an ever-changing world. 

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