Mentone Grammar’s co-curricular program is designed for students to develop a broad range of experiences and skills across Sports, the Arts, Cadets, Social Service, Public Speaking and Debating and through a variety of clubs, teams and events. 

Year 10 2021 Centenary Scholarships Now Open

Mentone Grammar is delighted to offer a number of General Excellence, Academic & Performing Arts Centenary Scholarships to students entering Year 10 in 2021. Students will have the opportunity to join our happy, healthy and high-achieving environment while also being part of our Centenary Year celebrations in 2023.

Applications Open: Friday 28 August, 2020

Applications Close: 5pm, Friday 11 September, 2020

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From the outdoors experience of the Cadet unit to the thrill of a standing ovation in the orchestra, there are extraordinary experiences available to every student to expand their learning and develop passions and friendships through shared interests.



Our Sports Program provides opportunities for students from Years 3 - 12 to benefit from our elite coaching programs, established through links with highly credentialled Coaches, talent pathway programs and professional sporting clubs.

Students in Years 3 to 6 compete in both the School Sport Victoria competition through participation in Cheltenham District events, as well as the Junior Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria competition. Major carnivals in Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming are held in both competitions. Summer and Winter sports have Lightning Premiership Carnivals held throughout the year.

From Years 7 to 12 all boys compete in the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria (AGSV)competition and girls in the combined AGSV / Associated Public Schools (APS)competition, in both Summer (Term 4 and Term 1) and Winter (Term 2 and Term 3) sports. Students are also encouraged to participate in the Athletics Program. 

Our expert coaches provide instruction at one main training session per week for all students, Wednesday afternoons (Years 9-12 Greenways and Frogmore) and Thursday afternoons (Years 7-8 Bayview), with additional training offered across a variety of sports and levels throughout each week. Saturday sport is compulsory for all students in Years 7 – 12. 

Pre-Season and in-Season training is often completed concurrently, resulting in a plethora of sporting opportunities available all year round.

In addition, Mentone Grammar has a high-class Strength and Conditioning facility that offers before and after school sessions under the guidance of fully qualified instructors who offer age and ability appropriate sessions for students.

Sports on offer at Mentone Grammar (Years 7-12 AGSV/APS weekly competition):

Boys Summer Sports

  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Sailing (Must sail externally also)
  • Swimming (Competency level required)
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

Boys Winter Sport

  • AFL
  • Badminton (Years 10-12 only)
  • Cross Country
  • Hockey
  • Soccer

Girls Summer Sports 

  • Badminton (Years 10-12 only)
  • Cricket
  • Softball (Years 10-12 only)
  • Sailing (Must sail externally also)
  • Swimming (Competency level required)
  • Tennis
  • Touch Football
  • Volleyball

Girls Winter Sports

  • AFLW
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Hockey (Mixed with boys competition)
  • Netball
  • Soccer

Opportunities also exist in Aerobics, Athletics, Golf, Snow Sports, Surfing and Surf Life Saving, with Mentone Grammar having teams of various age groups represent the School in a variety of association and externally held competitions. 


The Arts 

Further to the Teaching and Learning curriculum, students may pursue their interests in Visual Arts across drawing, painting, design and photography, beyond the classrooms. Opportunities exist for masterclasses, gallery tours and exhibitions to further explore and understand the creative world of the artist. 

Mentone Grammar is renowned for its extraordinary stage productions that include all facets of the dramatic arts. Across the four campuses, students are encouraged to audition for productions, big and small. 

Our annual premiere event is the senior production along with a number of dance opportunities, campus productions, bespoke plays and House Arts collaborations. Many opportunities also exist for students to develop their skills as stage crew, sound and lighting technicians, costume and make-up artists and choreography assistants. 

Please find below the Performing Arts Ensemble schedule:

Performing Arts Ensembles Tuition 2020



Making music is an integral part of life at Mentone Grammar. Our performers have myriad opportunities to participate in choirs, ensembles, concert bands, jazz bands and orchestra.

Students are also able to experiment with and develop their own music using the technologies available in our state-of-the art Creativity Centre performance spaces. Our busy events calendar provides endless opportunities for all our performers to present music and song from across the musical spectrum. 

Individual instrumental tuition is available in addition to the class instrumental lessons offered in all campuses of the School. Expert tuition from our music tutors is provided in the following instruments: piano, strings, woodwind, brass, voice, guitar and percussion. 

“Students are encouraged to venture where they haven't been before; to have a go and experience something new or just take their passion to new heights.”


The Mentone Grammar Army Cadet Unit has a long and proud tradition and is the largest school-based unit in Victoria. The Australian Army Cadets (AAC), of which MGACU is a part, is the largest youth development program in the country, with goals driven by core values of Courage, Initiative and Teamwork.

Leadership is highly valued in the unit and it provides a unique opportunity for senior students to develop leadership and expertise in the areas of fieldcraft, first aid and navigation skills.

All Year 9 students join for one year and then have the option to continue on in Years 10, 11 and 12 to further develop their skills, training and leadership of incoming recruits.

From Year 10 a cadet’s advancement through the rank structure - which mirrors Army’s hierarchy - is contingent upon their successful demonstration of the ability to implement training programs for their peers. Students are offered the opportunity to participate in leadership courses conducted by Army and by the School. Places are limited and highly sought after.

Our cadets also have additional opportunities to contribute to the local community by participating in ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day services and charitable events throughout the year. Further, cadets are able to count their participation in the AAC program towards their completion of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Watch the video below:


Duke of Edinburgh

Mentone Grammar participates in the internationally recognised personal development program, The Duke of Edinburgh Award. Any Mentone Grammar student 14 years and above may join. The aim of the program is to develop self-esteem, confidence, perseverance, leadership, community awareness and engagement through: Community Service, Physical Recreation, Skill Development and Outdoor Adventure Journey. Every year, many of our students progress through the program to ultimately achieve a Bronze, Silver and Gold award.


Debating and Public Speaking

The popular debating and public speaking program offers students a wide range of opportunities to develop their oratory and research skills, allowing them to confidently present well-structured arguments to an audience. The skills and confidence gained from oratory are invaluable for life beyond school. Our students compete in the Debating Association of Victoria (DAV) inter-school competition, mooting and House Oratory competitions.

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