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A progressive education that motivates, nurtures and prepares each generation for the demands of its time. 

Today's students face some of the world’s most pressing and intractable challenges: climate change, genetic modification, an ageing population, dwindling natural resources and the merging of artificial and human intelligence. 

As a school, our guiding purpose is to provide each new generation with a progressive education and the character and skills they need to rise to the demands of their time. 

Introducing Centum, our unique learning philosophy inspired by our journey towards our centenary year and our process of reflecting on Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. 


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“The educator should ask himself first, not will the child pass his examinations as the result of my teaching, but rather will he be a happy and moral citizen?”


Our learning philosophy is built around three lenses: 

Developing an ability to think deeply and clearly, engages and inspires the learner  as they grow intellectually and emotionally. 

By students learning how to question and understand  the important role that thinking has on their understanding, students grow as learners and a broad culture of thinking is developed, allowing students to critically and creatively apply their understanding. 

Leadership of self and others requires an investment of time, firstly in ourselves, to understand how we function and how we lead. 

Then, we need an investment in those we support to determine their needs, how they can be supported and then our response to it. A range of contexts will exist within this community of leadership. At the forefront we need to draw on the wisdom of our School values of Respect, Discipline, Care, Resilience, Endeavour, Integrity and Service. These should be drivers of our approach to leading. Opportunities to reflect and collaborate are also required as we work together for the greater good as lifelong learners and thoughtful global citizens.

Our identities, understandings, skills and relationships are shaped by our experiences.  As we learn and grow, we change.

At Mentone Grammar we aim to develop well-rounded young people who are Happy, Healthy and High Achieving through:

  • Having a sense of belonging that has a powerful effect on their social, emotional, academic, spiritual and physical wellbeing.
  • Understanding Identity - Who am I, how am I developing and what does it mean to be human?
  • Students having a sense of agency so that they see themselves as the designers, creators and makers of the world of tomorrow.
  • Humility - not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.
  • Empathy and responsiveness to the needs of others.
  • Resilience - students developing strategies to cope and thrive in School and in their lives.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Agility - being able to tolerate high levels of stress and to endure setbacks, while remaining open, engaged and receptive. Facing emotion with curiosity, self-compassion and acceptance.


We choose the very best in expert staff. A collaborative teaching culture is a strong feature of Mentone Grammar’s success. Detailed curriculum planning, well-researched teaching practices and excellent professional learning are all designed to enhance student learning. 

“This is an independent school. Use that freedom to experiment and innovate for the best interests of your pupils.”


In support of student learning, Mentone Grammar has developed its own Student Performance System to monitor and share student data and progress with parents and guardians (Years 5 -12). This is an invaluable tool for tracking and collecting vital academic progress, over time. Individual student data is uploaded overnight so parents and guardians may access timely information via an Interactive Progress Chart. Student progress can also be viewed in reference to comparative data from across the State. 

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