In 2010, the Archive Office of Mentone Grammar was established. Far from being a dry and somewhat remote activity, work in this area has a fascination of its own as engagement with our past brings to light new ideas and visions of our history. Did you know, for instance, that in 1939 Mentone Grammar was faced with total financial collapse and its property subdivided and up for sale? Learn more about our exciting history here.

Facts like these emerge from the pages of documents held in our Archive and the human face of circumstances such as these emerges from the large collection of photographs we are also fortunate to have. In simple terms, our mission is to collect, preserve and make available the records of our past. This work we have now begun. 

Can You Help?

Photographs and Documents

The Mentonians Association and Mentone Grammar graciously accept any donations of Mentone Grammar memorabilia for our Archives Office 

We are particularly interested in acquiring or scanning any photographs, memorablilia or documents that relate to Mentone Grammar and personalities involved in the School. Please contact Suzanne Ashley on 61 3 9584 4211 or email