Life Patrons for Outstanding Service

Life Patrons are elected by the The Mentonians Committee in recognition of outstanding service to the Association and/or its affiliated Clubs over at least 15 years.  They need not be former students of the School, but through their dedication and commitment they too are recognised.  

Year AwardedNameAlumni Year
1992Bruce Lobb* (Former Teacher)
1996Ron Bungey*1966
1996Tony Dayton (Former Teacher) *
1996Mike Durack1967
1996Ivan Eaves1966
1996Colin Ericksen1961
1996Bill Granger1963
1996John Lolas1962
1996Alan Munt1971
1996Garry Norton1970
1996Mark Pearman1982
1999Stephen Grey1974
1999Vic Stroumos1978
2002Svend Samild1987
2003Keith Gaston1976
2005Tim Holland1984
2005Josh Burt1989
2010Tim MacDonald1996
2011Cameron Dunkerley1986
2012David Stansfield1977
2014Sam Ingram1984
2014Kris Larsen1994
2014Darryl Stevens2000
2015Neil McCallum1956
2017Peter Rogers1956
2018Sharon EricksenOMFC
2019Rick BrownOMBC
2019Ken Speers1974

* denotes deceased