Mentonian Foundation Award


Congratulations to Daniel Payne (2006) on being awarded $15K to support his doctoral studies

After leaving school, Daniel commenced studying at the University of Melbourne in Biomedicine, completing these studies in 2009 with a ‘high distinction’ average. Progressing from the Bachelor course to the Doctor of Medicine, Daniel realised medicine wasn’t for him and pursued engineering. His PhD thesis title is ‘Algorithms for seizure forecasting in long term inter-cranial electroencephalogram (iEEG) recordings’. 
Daniel then undertook a Master of Engineering (Biomedical) which has led to him undertaking PhD research in this area. He was in the top 5% for his Masters studies and was named on the Dean’s Honours List and is working with his two supervisors, Professor David Grayden and Dr Dean Freestone at Melbourne University. Dr Freestone is also the CEO of Seer, where Daniel also works as a Research Engineer. Seer recently won best start-up in Victoria.
Essentially, Daniel is part of a team that is looking at machine learning – using a two-year dataset to predict seizures of those suffering epilepsy. This is developing an insight into the intracranial triggers such as consistent sleep and the time of day that seizures take place to external triggers, such as weather. Daniel has also developed an interactive app that logs data, and this data is helping to improve seizures forecasts for individuals suffering epilepsy. In addition, the app provides users with epilepsy facts which is not only helpful for the user, but in educating family and friends and links to social media to spread awareness.
Daniel has had two papers published and has four more in the pipeline. The grant will allow Daniel to further immerse himself in this important research.

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