Cadets at Mentone Grammar

Celebrating 75 Years of the Mentone Grammar Army Cadet Unit

Congratulations to the Mentone Grammar Army Cadet Unit (MGACU). The unit celebrated 75 Years with a Cadet Reunion Lunch on Friday 9 November 2018, following our annual TMA Remembrance Day Service. We were pleased to welcome back to Mentone Grammar, our greatly respected Past Headmaster, Mr Neville Clark MC OAM as our guest of honour along with Mr Simon Appel OAM, Caroline Weir and Jan Drinan. 

Joining the group were members of our current Cadet Unit, with Commanding Officer, Michael Wilton proposing the Loyal Toast. We also enjoyed sharing the day with well-known past Officers of Cadets – Allen Hicks, Hugh Green, Rick Thomas, Vic Evans, Ian Webster and David Stansfield - who shared his own reflections before ‘toasting’ the Unit and those no longer with us. With former Cadet Alumni, Rohan Davis (1984) and Nick Lund (1998) sharing memories of their time in Cadets, we then heard from Tayla and Josh, current Cadets and determined that whilst some things have changed; there are many things that remain the same – such as camaraderie, teamwork, resilience and the formation of life-long friendships.

The success of this special occasion was summed up perfectly by Steve Farrelly (1968)

"What a fantastic occasion. Please thank all of the organisers and Mal Cater. We seem to have gone from merely being ex-students sometime past to good friends and acquaintances, men who have now recalled a lot of wonderful times spent at Mentone Grammar while being well-prepared for life."

Thank you to our Principal and former Officer of Cadets, Mal Cater for hosting the day and The Mentonians Association President, Mark Pearman and committee members for arranging this special event. We also thank those that made the effort to travel from country Victoria and interstate to join us. We will host another Cadets celebration during our Centenary in 2023.

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