news 25 Mar 2020

10 Useful Resources for Student Wellbeing 

In the midst of nation-wide social isolation, it has never been more important for people to have an active focus on their mental wellbeing. 

In the final week of term in our off-site learning environment, Mentone Grammar Teachers have been delivering a program of wellbeing activities to ensure students are practising healthy habits which they can continue into the school holiday period. 

Below are 10 useful resources our Teachers have shared with us, for students (and parents) across the nation to help calm busy minds and ease into a slower pace of life. 


1. Daily Calm
Daily Calm offers a free 10-minute mindfulness meditation to help be present and switch off stressful thoughts.

Daily Calm

2. Ambient Music 
Ambient Music offers a 10-minute backing track for relaxation and mindfulness. Take a small amount of time out of your day to unwind and pause your mind. 

Ambient Music

3. The Little Meditation Series 
The Little Meditation Series also offers a 10-minute soundtrack to switch-off to. Focus on each little sound and imagine what it would look like as you push away any distractions or negative thoughts. 

The Little Meditation Series 

4. 12 Free Apps to Beat Stress

Portable devices, such as smart phones and tablets, can offer a platform for stress relief. This is a list of 12 apps which are designed to improve mental health.  

12 Free Apps to Beat Stress

5. Sudoku Online 
Stretch your mind and focus your attention with online sudoku.   

Sudoku Online

6. Crosswords Online
Kids crossword puzzles are a great way to focus their energy and learn some new vocabulary at the same time.

Crosswords Online

7. Children's Online Storybook: Dave the Dog (Primary-Aged Children)
Dave the Dog is worried about Coronavirus but Nurse Dotty can put his mind at ease. 

Dave the Dog is Worried About Coronavirus

8. Online Activity Book: Understanding Coronavirus (Primary-Aged Children)
Having some knowledge about Coronavirus can help children to feel more empowered and less uncertain. Learn about Coronavirus in an age-appropriate context with this free online activity book.

Online Activity Book: Understanding Coronavirus

9. HeadSpace: Helping Children to Cope with the Stress of Coronavirus (Senior Students and Parents) 
This resource outlines things that might be helpful to manage changes to daily life as a result of containment measures for COVID-19.


10. Smiling Mind 
A modern meditation for young people. It's a unique web and app-based program, designed to help bring balance to young lives.

Smiling Mind 

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