news 06 Dec 2019

Cate Rausz (2019) shortlisted for the NGV Top Arts Exhibition

Congratulations to Cate Rausz (2019), the Visual Arts Captain of 2019, on being shortlisted for the NGV Top Arts Exhibition 2020.

This is a huge achievement for Cate to be shortlisted for this exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, considering thousands of applications are received by the selection panel. She will deliver her artwork for the final selection process mid-December and we should know early in 2020 if her work will be included in the Season of Excellence.

Top Arts is an exhibition of photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, ceramics, film and printmaking produced by VCE Art and VCE Studio Arts students, held at the Ian Potter Centre, National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). Cate completed VCE Studio Arts in 2019.

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