Mentor Program


The Mentor Program at Mentone Grammar helps to create an environment where every individual student is known and cared for. Students are supported to connect with their own inner resources and Community. 

In our ELC - Year 4, Class Teachers are the primary support for students. In Years 5 - 8, Class Mentors provide a foundation of encouragement and trust for students to practice their independence and resilience. Mentors work together with all staff involved in the student's journey, including the support services team where required.

In our Year 9 Greenways program, there are both Class and Learning Journey Mentors to ensure that students are supported to maximise personal development opportunities on offer. Mentoring is an entrenched part of the culture at Mentone Grammar; students and teachers build strong, mutually respectful relationships which enhance the learning journey, and student-student mentoring and staff-staff mentoring is also encouraged and embraced.

In Years 10-12, students benefit from a vertical support system. Their House group, which consists of students from Years 10 - 12, offers both staff and peer mentoring. This has proven to be an exceptionally effective method for this age group and offers invaluable opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership and experience a strong sense of belonging. Mentors are the key contacts for parents regarding their child's social, emotional and academic progress.

House System 

Upon joining Mentone Grammar, each student is allocated to one of eight Houses. 

  • Anderson (Red)
  • Deighton (Black and Red)
  • Drinan (Green)
  • Finlay Anderson (Gold)
  • Jones (Navy)
  • Lionel Large (Green and Gold)
  • Were (Sky Blue)
  • White (Royal Blue and Gold)

Each House, under the guidance of designated House Co-ordinators, brings together students from each year level to enable cross-age mentoring and leadership opportunities. 

Mentone Grammar Houses also provide the opportunity to engage in healthy House spirit through competitions in sport, music, drama, chess, oratory and debating.

House Co-ordinators are assisted by Mentors, who are assigned to each House. The Houses meet regularly and provide opportunities for House activities to be organised by the House Captain and the House Seniors. The Houses undertake learning projects that benefit people in need in the wider community. House functions are also organised involving all the students in the House and their parents such as House Dinners and House Chapel Services.

Wellbeing Team

In addition to our Mentor Program, students are supported by a professional Wellbeing team which consists of School Counsellors, School Chaplains and a School Nurse. Our Learning Enhancement faculty also underpins our proactive approach to wellbeing.

Our staff work to ensure that new students experience a smooth transition into our School and benefit from the same level of high quality professional and personalised support enjoyed by all our current students.

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