2024 Head Prefects Badged!

On 25 August 2023, Principal Mal Cater officially badged the Head Prefects for 2024. As a community, we join in congratulating Will Sargeant, Bridget Scott, Amali Viel and Justin Li on their new appointment.

We are most fortunate to have such depth of talent in the School, and we commend these fine young people for exhibiting the School Values to a very high level.

At the badging ceremony, the following citations were read by Principal Mal Cater outlining the leader profile of each student appointed:

Will Sargeant

In just 18 months you have made such a significant impact on our community and this is a testament to the true leader you are. In your interview for this position you explained that you have ‘always loved leading’. You are a very genuine leader of a high caliber. You are well respected by staff and students. Ironically, when Mr Mann and I interviewed you online for a position in this School I can well recall sharing with Mr Mann that if you lived up to what we saw in that interview you could well, one day, be Head Prefect of the School. You have, well and truly, lived up to all that we saw then and I am delighted to appoint you as a Head Prefect of Mentone Grammar.

Bridget Scott

In your application for Head Prefect you talked about being a selfless leader and explained that it was not about you but what you could do for others in a quiet, effective manner. You are that person. You exhibit all of the School Values to a high level and you go out of your way to support other students. You are well regarded by your peers and staff. Your learner profile is very strong as is our engagement in School activities. It is my pleasure to appoint you as a Head Prefect of Mentone Grammar.

Amali Viel

In your application to become Head Prefect you stated that “coming to Mentone Grammar was the best decision of your life”. I suspect we are the beneficiary of you coming to Mentone Grammar because both in our classrooms and in the School more generally you have made a significant impact in a relatively short time. You are a high performing student but you also contribute strongly to the School more broadly. You are enthusiastic, well manners and totally dependable and it is my pleasure to appoint you as a Head Prefect of Mentone Grammar.

Justin Li

You are a very high performing student with diverse interests in the School including your membership of the Debating and Public Speaking program. Your learner profile only includes ‘Consistently’ ratings which is most admirable. You participate with enthusiasm in a range of programs within the School including representing the School in Firsts Tennis. You demonstrate the School Values to a high level and you are passionate about both the School and helping others. It is my pleasure to appoint you as a Head Prefect of Mentone Grammar.

We would also like to commend all Year 11 students who applied for this position. The standard of leader in the cohort is, as evidenced by the depth of talent once again, extremely strong.

Additionally, we thank  Gemma Hollingsworth, Thomas O’Rourke, Zitong Ren, and Eliza Schmid, our 2023 Head Prefects, for their strong leadership. They will continue in their positions until the end of the VCE Journey alongside our new Head Prefects.

Principal Mal Cater alongside our 2023 Head Prefects and the Head Prefects for 2024.