Mentone Grammar’s technologies program is nothing short of remarkable, with our state-of-the-art facilities and specialist teachers enabling students to experience the highly practical and social elements of our learning and teaching that make our areas of study so unique and engaging.

It’s inspiring to see students explore their creativity and problem-solving skills in such a way that only technology at Mentone Grammar can provide. The aroma of cooking through our food technology program emanating from our kitchen wafts throughout the lower levels of the Creativity Centre, while the zipping and whirring of our programmable robots and drones can be heard along with the humming and buzzing of our 3D printers and laser cutter.

As students work through developing their skills, knowledge and design solutions, our lessons continue to be a hive of activity as they launch into new and exciting projects as well as putting various concepts and ideas into production, whilst acknowledging the industry-based processes and outcomes we pride ourselves on delivering and achieving.

A Journey of Discovery

In the Early Years, students learn how to use digital and product-based technologies to design and create innovative solutions that meet current and future needs. Students enjoy practical opportunities to be users, designers and producers of new technologies as they engage in design thinking and project-based inquiries. Through practical learning, students develop a sensitivity to the designed dimension of objects and systems, along with the inclination and capacity to shape one’s world through building, tinkering and making.

In the Keith Jones Learning Centre students can utilise a professional film studio, green screen and recording booths to develop invaluable digital media by creating video blogs, VoxPops, music composition and short films to complement their learning and prepare this new generation of ‘digital natives’ for advanced skills that are fast becoming the norm.

Critical and Creative Thinking

As students progress through the Middle Years, there is a continued focus on critical and creative thinking through the lens of product design. There is so much for students to experience at this stage as they are introduced to the safe use of basic hand tools and simple plant machinery, the impact of cyber security and information privacy, practical cooking skills to make nutritional and delicious meals, digital programming and systems – just to name a few.

One of the many popular highlights of the program is when students explore the systems in a functioning robot. They write block-based code to control the robots, learning how to respond to inputs from sensors. Students understand and employ a range of coding concepts such as variables, loops, binary selection and functions.

Elective Subjects

Design and technologies electives commence in Year 9, with a range of subjects on offer in Years 9 & 10 that are designed to develop the practical and theoretical skills necessary for future VCE studies in this space. VCE students can elect to specialise in areas such as Applied Computing, Creative & Digital Media, Product Design & Technology – Materials, Food Studies, Data Analytics, Software Development, and VET Interactive Digital Media.

Students can take full advantage of our innovative Creativity Centre which houses specialist labs that provide advanced technology in robotics, animation, 3D printing, materials, digital media, and food studies. Along with the outstanding facilities, our specialist staff are there every step of the way to support students with their different passions in the design and technologies realm, enabling them to achieve their personal best and help prepare them for life beyond school.

Developing the digital leaders of tomorrow

In a world where digital literacy is paramount, Mentone Grammar provides students with the knowledge, experience, and inspiration to become the digital leaders of tomorrow. The School’s Digital Technology curriculum from Years 7 to 12 is a dynamic journey, equipping students with a spectrum of skills and knowledge that are critical in today’s digital world. Highlights across the years include web design and computer awareness, drone technology learning, game development, animation and digital media, and robotics – just to name a few!