Year 9

Our dynamic Greenways Campus is a successful model of diverse and interactive engagement. In keeping with the School’s Together-Apart-Together model, we provide separate gender classrooms, with the exception of some selected co-curricular activities.

Independence and creativity are key skills to support our students’ transition both through and beyond school. Our strong academic program includes a broad offering of subjects that allow students to begin to explore their areas of passion in the vast elective subjects on offer. Elective subjects vary in course length and have students working in co-educational classes, supporting them to work with their peers in preparation for their co-educational classes in Frogmore.

Personal growth is significant in Greenways due to the learning opportunities that are provided outside the formal academic classroom allowing students to learn and find success in a multitude of ways. The academic program is supported by exciting Learning Journeys that develop personal growth and resilience. Often profound, these Learning Journeys are designed to challenge our students and take them out of their comfort zone to keep all our Year 9s developing and learning to their full potential.

Experiential Learning

Guided by specialist Learning Journeys staff, each experiential opportunity is designed to both complement and extend the learning that occurs within the Campus. Each class spends a significant time away from the classroom where they are immersed in a range of inspiring urban, rural, and coastal environments, each designed to challenge them physically and emotionally.

Each experience allows the students to look at the world through the eyes of another. Greenways students are encouraged to keep an open mind about issues such as the environment, sustainability, disadvantage and youth mental health to explore the themes of prejudice and inequality.


The Army Cadet Program at Mentone Grammar commences in Greenways, where all students participate in this unique learning opportunity in collaboration with the Australian Army and facilitated by Senior students and specialist staff. Learning about decision making, individual values and teamwork are integral in the Cadet Program and foundations are set in Greenways that students will call upon in future years in a variety of ways.

Greenways Café

Year 9 students also spend time learning how to manage the student-run Greenways Café. They learn valuable skills in hospitality, financial literacy, marketing, and business management and all complete an accredited barista certificate and food handling qualification, which supports their first steps into the world of work.

Welcome to Greenways

Learn more about life at the Greenways Campus with Julie James – Head of Greenways.

Our campus’ diverse educational opportunities, including the Greenways Café program, provide each student with the foundations to succeed and thrive, preparing them for a fast-paced, changing world.