Empowering Students

Mentone Grammar participates in the internationally recognised personal development program, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The Award is one of the world’s leading youth development programs, empowering young people to explore their full potential and find their purpose, passion, and place in the world, regardless of their location or circumstance.

The aim of the program is to support the development of self-esteem, confidence, perseverance, leadership, community awareness, and engagement.

Any Mentone Grammar student 14 years and above may join. To achieve an Award, students must learn a skill, improve their physical wellbeing, volunteer in their community and experience a team adventure in a new environment. All participants are supported by a network of adult Award Leaders, Assessors, and Supervisors.

Progressive Challenge​

There are three levels of Award – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – each becoming progressively more challenging and requiring a greater time commitment. Achieving an Award recognises individual goal setting and self-improvement through persistence and achievement.

Every year, we are incredibly proud of the many Mentone students who progress through the program to ultimately achieve a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award.

Lasting Impact

Through this challenging journey of self-discovery, participants:

  • Are equipped and empowered to achieve their personal best
  • Learn to take responsibility for their goals and choices
  • Become connected to and actively engaged within their immediate community
  • Make a real difference to society through their positive contributions and involvement
  • Learn to persevere and overcome barriers to success
  • Learn important life skills
  • Increase their career opportunities