Australian Army Cadets

The Mentone Grammar Army Cadet Unit (MGACU) has a long and proud tradition having been established at the School in 1943. It now represents the largest school-based Unit in Victoria.

MGACU is part of the extensive Australian Army Cadets (AAC) program, which constitutes the largest youth development program in the country. The goals of the AAC are driven by its core values of Courage, Initiative and Teamwork.

Leadership is highly valued in the Unit and being part of the Mentone Cadets provides a unique opportunity for Senior students to develop leadership skills, together with expertise in the areas of fieldcraft, first aid and navigation.

All Year 9 students join the Cadets for one year then have the option to continue on in Years 10, 11 and 12 to further develop their skills, training and leadership of incoming recruits.

Cadets in Action

Discover more about our extensive Cadet Unit and the many opportunities for leadership and learning that our students from Year 9 can experience through this program.

Leadership and Community Service

From Year 10 a Cadet’s advancement through the rank structure – which mirrors the Army’s hierarchy – is contingent upon their successful demonstration of the ability to implement training programs for their peers. Students are offered the opportunity to participate in leadership courses conducted by the Army and by the School. Places are limited and highly sought after.

Our Cadets also have additional opportunities to contribute to the local community by participating in ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day services, as well as charitable events throughout the year. Further, Cadets can count their participation in the AAC program towards their completion of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.