Parents and Friends

Supporting, Serving and Caring

The Mentone Grammar Parents and Friends (P&F) is a group of volunteers who play an active and productive role in supporting, serving, and caring for the members of the Mentone Grammar Community.

Being involved in P&F activities is a great way to connect with Mentone Grammar students and families. We also have two special interest groups – Mon Ami especially for new families to Mentone/Australia, and our [email protected] group.

About the P&F

The P&F group welcomes all members of the School Community, and our aim is to:

  • Encourage friendship, support, positive communication across the Community through a range of ‘friend-raising’ activities
  • Ensure the range of activities offered are fully inclusive to promote a sense of belonging across the Community
  • Promote a sense of belonging in the School Community
  • Raise funds to contribute to the enhancement of the School environment for our children
  • Be highly approachable and reliable and have a strong direction, which is consistent, transparent, and relevant
  • Have great communication within the group, with the School leadership and staff, and the wider community
  • Feel connected by our common purpose of being a part of this Community and have an enjoyable time while we are here.

Class Representatives​

Each class from ELC – Year 12 has a parent representative (Class Rep). The Class Rep’s role is to facilitate social activities amongst parents, provide a welcome to new parents and perform a vital communication link between the P&F, other volunteer organisations around the School, and the parent community. The Class Rep can also coordinate support to families in times of need such as family illness and provide a valuable link between parents and the School. Once the students move into Frogmore (Years 10 -12), parents can become involved in other committees that surround specialist interests.

P&F Meetings

P&F Committee meetings are held once a month and we also run a sub-committee structure for the events and services we offer.

Meeting Time: 6.30pm
Location: Frogmore Professional Learning Lounge

If you are unable to make the Committee meetings but would like to be involved in organising a specific event or activity, please contact us (details below). We would love your help!

P&F Executive Committee
PresidentNatalie Burrows
SecretaryKate Edwards
TreasurerRobina Shearer
Social Media CoordinatorLisa Kirwan
Head of EventsMolly Grant & Niki Buschkuehl
Head of [email protected]Hayden McNamara
Retail Shop CoordinatorJo Howe
Newsletter EditorFiona McCall
Mon Ami (New Families Convenor)Graciela Ramon Michel
Head of Community RelationsAndrea Wilson


Upcoming Events in 2023Date and TimeLocation
Years 5 & 7 Cocktail PartyFriday 17 March @ 7pm – 9pmExternal venue TBC
P&F Biggest Morning TeaFriday 26 May @ 9am – 11:30amFunction Centre/Creativity Centre Courtyard
Years 3 & 4 Silent DiscoFriday 9 June @ 3.30pm – 4.30pmSports Centre
P&F Father's Day CampoutThursday 31 August @ 6pm – 10pmFamily homes
P&F Christmas LunchFriday 1 December @ 12pm – 3pmSports Centre

We are a diverse and friendly group of dads who informally meet to socialise, and chat about our kids and our interests in a welcoming environment over drinks and food. All MG dads/carers are welcome to get involved with [email protected]

We’re looking for dads to join our organising committee, so if you’re interested or want to find out more about the group, please contact Hayden McNamara (details below).

Mon Ami

Mon Ami (“my friend” in French) is a social group for Mentone Grammar parents. As a group, Mon Ami members actively seek to offer the hand of friendship and support to Mentone parents who would like to feel better connected to the School socially and to life in Bayside.

The group can:

  • Help new families from regional areas, interstate or overseas to navigate living in Melbourne
  • Support people with their transition to life in Australia
  • Help connect people with other Mentone Grammar families with similar backgrounds or interests
  • Share ideas, and local knowledge and assist with essential practicalities that family or friends would often help with
  • Provide opportunities for engagement in an informal, casual, and social setting

Mon Ami regularly gathers for friendly walks and dinners at local restaurants, so please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

For more information, please contact Claire via the details provided.


If you are interested in joining us or want to know more, please get in touch for a chat!

[email protected]: Hayden McNamara

Mon Ami



Located under the Greenways Centre, enter via Gate 1 – Venice Street entrance.

Trading Hours

Friday 8.00 – 11.00am

Merchandise for Sale

The P&F group also offers a range of fundraising merchandise available at the P&F Shop. These are a great way to show your support for the School and practical too!

To order items, please email the P&F or visit the shop. Some items can also be purchased at the Campus Uniform Shop operated by Noone.

Pool Towel (75cm x 150cm) Premium (450gsm) Navy and White MG Logo$40.00
Pool Towel (as above) Name Embroidered (e.g., Jack R)$45.00
Pocket Umbrella Great quality spring loaded with a rain slipcover and metal canister$25.00
Golf Umbrella Navy and White with a comfortable rubber handle$35.00
Large Drink Bottle$5.00
Small Drink Bottle$3.00