Eblana Pet Service

Our students in Foundation to Year 4 had a ‘pawsome’ time at the Eblana Pet Service on Wednesday 13 September.

As we gathered on Frogmore Oval, each student held a cherished photograph of their beloved pets, celebrating the unconditional love and happiness they bring to our lives. As a special treat, each class welcomed two furry friends to join the service. It was a sight to behold as wagging tails and wet noses added an extra dose of cuteness to the occasion!

Our Year 4 leaders did an amazing job of running the service, with heartfelt prayers from our Foundation students: 

“Dear God, Thank you for taking care of all the pets who have died. Thank you for the water and food. Thank you for giving adults to love us and giving us the clothes we wear. Thank you for giving plants to us. Thank you for giving us sunshine.” – Candythy

” Dear God, Thank you for all the people like firefighters, Police, vets, and other people in the community. And thank you for not making too many robbers. Thank you for keeping us safe. And thank you for keeping our pets safe.” – Kayllen

“Dear God, Thanks for my dog Harry and all the other pets.  Thank you for the yummy food for our pets. Thank you for the rain that falls out of the clouds for the pets to drink.” – Caia
We express our deepest gratitude to the amazing Eblana Community for their generous contributions of pet food and toys. These valuable donations will be sent to the charity organization ‘Pets for the Homeless’. Thanks to the efforts of Eblana, we were able to gather enough food and goods to support 376 pets, bringing positivity and making a significant difference in the lives of those who are in need and their beloved furry companions.