Introduction of two new houses

In 2023, our Centenary year, Mentone Grammar will launch two new Houses. We are delighted to announce that the Houses will be named CLARK and JOHNSTON.


Bessie Johnston was Mentone Grammar’s first ever full-time female member of staff and, for a short time, was Acting Headmistress. She was an outstanding languages teacher and led the School at a very challenging time in its history, a time when we could well have not survived. It is wonderful that we can acknowledge the contribution of Miss Johnston by naming a House in her honour.


Neville Clark was Headmaster of Mentone Grammar for 15 years. His leadership was outstanding and is characterised by the honour, integrity and strength of the young men he nurtured, as well as the evolution of the strong House system we have today, and high-level academic performance. Mr Clark was an exceptional leader of our School and this acknowledgement is extremely appropriate.