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Mentone Grammar students honoured at the 2021 Premier’s VCE Awards

We are excited to announce that Oliver Moran (Class of 2021), Kerui H, and Enrico T (Year 12) all received top honours at the Premier’s VCE Awards ceremony on 20 July 2022 for their exceptional VCE results in 2021.

Oliver received a Premier’s VCE Award for excellence in Business Management, Kerui for Further Mathematics, and Enrico for Indonesian Second Language via the Victorian School of Languages (VSL). This puts them among the top performing VCE students in the state for 2021.

These awards are a great acknowledgment of the hard work and effort that these students have put into their studies, along with being a testament to the high level of teaching and mentoring they have received at the School.

Kerui says he feels very honoured to be receiving these awards, which are the result of perseverance and great support. “When I first commenced Unit 3/4 Further Maths in Year 11, I wasn’t feeling confident in my knowledge because I hadn’t studied Unit 1/2. I found the worded analytical questions especially challenging, as it tested my knowledge in both English and Mathematics.

“Throughout the year, my confidence slowly grew stronger, as I had plenty of support from my teacher Ms Janetzki, who answered any of my questions and provided me with plenty of resources. I found that completing past exams was the best way to improve, as I started finding patterns in the way examiners asked questions. Completing the trial exams was another great way for me to practice deep concentration. I took this period pretty seriously, so when the real exams came about, there were no surprises,” says Kerui.

Enrico shares that he chose to study Indonesian via VSL because he wanted to effectively communicate with his Indonesian family members who were not as adept in English. “Studying at VSL gave me an opportunity to not only reconnect with Indonesian culture but also explore my cultural heritage,” he says.

“Before enrolling into VSL, I had never studied the Indonesian Language, so achieving this award is something out of my wildest dreams,” Enrico shares. “I would like to thank the Head of Languages, Mr Aaron Richard, for encouraging me to pursue Indonesian. Enrolling into VSL can be challenging, as there are limited places and I had no prior experience. Mr Richard supported me throughout the whole process, and made a huge effort in convincing VSL to accept my application.”

Inspired by his positive experience studying Indonesian, Enrico has decided to pursue Mandarin at the National Taiwan University. “I am thrilled because my application for the International Chinese Language Winter Program was recently accepted!”

The entire Mentone Grammar Community is extremely proud of Oliver, Kerui, and Enrico, and would like to congratulate them on being the recipients of such a prestigious award!

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