Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 2021 (pdf, 146.41 KB)

Child Safe Policy

Child Safety Policy and Procedure 2021 (pdf, 200.98 KB)

Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Policy 2021 (pdf, 137.28 KB)

Enrolment Terms & Conditions

Enrolment Terms and Conditions (pdf, 106.64 KB)

Parent Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct 2021 (pdf, 111.82 KB)

Staff Code of Conduct

Staff Code of Conduct (pdf, 145.51 KB)

Anaphylaxis Policy (2021)

Anaphylaxis Policy 2021 (pdf, 261.55 KB)

Schedule of Educational Services (2021)

Schedule of Educational Services 2021 (pdf, 217.13 KB)

Community Guidelines (Social Media)

Community Guidelines (Social Media) (pdf, 390.72 KB)

Further School policies are available upon request to the Deputy Principal. Please contact Reception on + 61 3 9584 4211 or email:  enquiry@mentonegrammar.net  


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