Mentone Grammar

Paige Farrow

Greenways Café Assistant

Paige Farrow has worked in Mentone Grammar’s Greenways Café every Wednesday since 2022. Paige is a graduate of Yarrabah School, which is a local Specialist School that caters to students with intellectual, physical, and/or multiple disabilities. We sat down with Paige to ask to discuss her interests and love for working at Greenways Café.

About Me

My name is Paige. I am almost 20 years old and live locally in Aspendale with my family. My sister Tess attends Mentone Grammar and is in Year 12. My twin brother Jacob also attended and graduated in 2021. In 2021 I graduated from Yarrabah School. Yarrabah School is a specialist school in Aspendale primarily for students with intellectual disabilities.  I have a moderate to severe intellectual disability.

Each Wednesday morning, I work in the Greenways Café at Mentone Grammar. My job tasks are primarily food preparation and kitchen clean up as well as sometimes serving. I really love my work as it suits my skills and interests in cooking and domestic tasks.

My interests

I love sports, especially team sports. I play basketball each Friday night with a team called the All Stars. I barrack for Carlton. I enjoy outdoor adventure sports including bike riding, paddle boarding, swimming, and hiking. I also enjoy 10-pin bowling.

I really enjoy hanging out with my friends.  I also like colouring, playing Uno and other games.

My dislikes

Unexpected changes, sitting or waiting for too long.

My support needs

I work best in situations where I know what is expected of me. I have good verbal communication skills. When serving customers or interacting with people, sometimes modelling what I need to say is very helpful.

My receptive language is very good. It is helpful to give me one or two-step instructions and ensure you have my full attention without distractions e.g. – loud noise or too many people.

I learn best by doing and repetition. Show me by breaking down the task into simpler steps, then modelling each step, providing me with multiple opportunities to practice the new task /skill and positive feedback.  Visual cues also help me.

Sometimes I may repeat myself, repeat topics or ask repetitive questions. This usually means that I am feeling anxious and uncertain. You can help me by listening and acknowledging what I am saying, providing reassurance, and then changing the topic and focus point to something else.  I can also use inappropriate language at times which is also usually a stress reaction.  It is best just to ignore and redirect.