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Thought Leadership – Dr David Buttifant

When it comes to knowledgeable speakers in the wellbeing space, it is very hard to think of a more inspiring leader than successful AFL sports scientist and High Performance Manager, Dr David Buttifant.

Dr Buttifant presented to all staff at Mentone Grammar’s Wellbeing Day, which is designed to educate staff on improving their own wellbeing so that they can lead and inspire their students at a high level. Dr Buttifant has a long history of working closely with elite athletes at Olympic and AFL level, and has worked closely with corporate leaders, helping them to become fulfilled people, leaders and family members. Close to his heart is also the NICK Foundation, where he’s a director and co-founder, helping develop wellbeing programs for youth.

In his presentation, Dr Buttifant shared how ‘bite-sized’ positive action can support a successful life. His simple to adopt, evidence-based actions and techniques provided our staff with tips to perform to their highest ability:

1. Establish your ‘wish’ – this should be challenging but feasible.

2. Know your ‘why’ – why is this goal important for you?

3. Determine what obstacles might prevent you from accomplishing your wish.

4. Plan – Make a when-then plan to cope with change and setbacks.

5. Share your dream(s) to stay accountable.

6. Reward yourself at every milestone.