Shortlisted for Top Arts 2023

Congratulations to Jevons W (Year 12), Priya G (Year 12) and Lizzy M (Year 11) who have all been shortlisted for Top Arts 2023!

Centenary Update #3

In our latest Centenary Update, Principal Mal Cater invites you to join us at our Centenary Golf Day, Exhibition Sports Day and Centenary Reunion Lunch.

2023 Head Prefects Badged!

On 25 August 2022, Principal Mal Cater officially badged the Head Prefects for 2023. As a community, we join in congratulating Gemma Hollingsworth, Thomas O’Rourke,…

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Mentone Grammar is a large, diverse community of over 1,900 students and 13,000 alumni. As part of our ongoing program of community engagement, we host…

Centenary Update #2

We also have Centenary event sponsorship opportunities for businesses within our Community to become a much-valued member of our Event Sponsor Register. As a sponsor,…